Terms and Conditions

All exhibitors at VegfestUK Trade 2017 are required to adhere to the following terms and conditions.
  1. All items on sale, display or available at the event must be vegan. If your company/organisation makes or sells non-vegan items, please do not display or sell them at the event. Particular attention should be paid to ingredients such as beeswax, bee pollen or honey. If you not sure about something, please contact the office. The organisers reserve the right to ask exhibitors to remove any items that are not vegan from their stall and stallholders must agree to this.


  2. All promotional material on offer during the show should be vegan-friendly and child-friendly and should not promote any animal products or depict cruelty to animals.


  3. VegfestUK operates a ‘no smoking’ policy on site. No gas or naked flames are permitted at this event.


  4. Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of the submitted online booking form. On receipt of a deposit of £200 + vat (traders) / £100 + vat (charities), your stall position will then be confirmed (on a first come, first served basis) and your details entered on the website where appropriate. Exhibitors agree on submitting booking form online to pay the £200 + vat (traders) / £100 + vat (charities) deposit on booking and the full balance by June 30th 2017 at the latest. Booking online is a binding legal agreement and acts as a confirmed booking. Cancellation fees apply if bookings are cancelled once submitted online. Full balance of payment is required before stallholders enter the venue. Please note: deposits are non-refundable in any circumstances.


  5. Catering or serving of food or drink to be consumed on the premises is allowed. Packaged food or drink for consumption off the premises is also permitted, as are free tasters and samples. Adequate handwashing facilities, insurance, allergy awareness and training, and the appropriate health and safety / food hygiene certificates and standards will be required by all stallholders who are handling food or drink samples and tasters. Any cups served that contain hot drinks must have caps fitted to them by the stallholder. Please note that the use of gas and naked flames is strictly prohibited at this event.


  6. Exhibitors are responsible for any accidents or injuries to the public caused by their products, display stands or their use of the space allocated to them, and must arrange their own Public Liability Insurance cover and Employers Liability Insurance cover, and have current Food Hygiene and Electrical safety certificates as applicable. All electrical equipment used must be PAT tested and will be inspected before the event starts.


  7. Stallholders are responsible for their own goods at the event and no responsibility is accepted by the organisers for loss, damage or financial loss due to abandonment or cancellation of the event due to severe inclement weather or other factors beyond our control or any other factors. The organisers will not be able to refund any money taken in advance of the show in any circumstances.


  8. In the event of you wishing to cancel your stall, you will be liable to a £200 + vat (traders) / £100 + vat (charities) cancellation fee before July 1st 2017, and £200 + vat (traders) / £100 + vat (charities) cancellation fee if after July 1st 2017. If you cancel after August 1st 2017 you are liable for the whole fee and no refunds will be made. Cancellation must be made in writing by email by the person who has booked online originally. This cancellation policy applies only to stalls. Advertising, sponsorship and other marketing options will be charged at the full price. All fees are subject to VAT at 20%.


  9. Any amends to your booking that involve re-invoicing will incur an admin fee of £25 + vat.


  10. In the event of late payment for your stall and anything else which you have booked, compound interest will be added at 8% per month for the period after which payment is due, up until full payment is received. A minimum of £250 debt recovery costs will be applied if payment is not made by the agreed dates in these Terms and Conditions.


  11. Exhibitors are responsible for their behaviour at all times and must ensure that any members of staff or volunteers behave appropriately. Shouting, threatening or unruly behaviour, abusive language, violence, or disrespect in any way to other exhibitors, visitors, security, medical staff, venue staff, event volunteers, organising team, or any other people within the building, will not be deemed acceptable in any circumstances and anyone who is found to be in breach of this may be subject to eviction from the premises at any time with no explanation and no refunds.


  12. Exhibitors agree to have their stalls ready by 9:30am on Friday and agree not to breakdown until after 6:00pm on Friday. Opening hours are 10:00am – 6:00pm. Children under 16 are not permitted in the venue during setup or breakdown times in any circumstances. Please note: exhibitors are not permitted to setup once the venue is open to the public.


  13. Deliveries and collections to and from the venue are entirely at stallholders’ risk. VegfestUK cannot be held responsible in any circumstances for failure of delivery or collection which may result in loss of trading or stock for the stallholder. Stallholders must take responsibility to ensure that all deliveries are made within the times outlined in the exhibitors pack, and likewise any collections are made within the stated times. In the unfortunate event of your stock not being delivered in time, we cannot issue refunds in any form. Stallholders are advised to check thoroughly that their deliveries are made in time with their courrier services. Stallholders are also requested to ensure that any deliveries and collections arrive with suitable equipment to unload stock and move to your stall or storage area. VegfestUK do not supply trolleys, forklift trucks, trolley-jacks, or other equipment to load, unload and move stock.


  14. Charity Collections may only be made off stalls that are registered and hold the correct license for collecting in public. Collectors are not permitted to walk around the venue or outside the venue collecting for charities in any circumstances.


  15. All images included on stalls should be family-friendly and not contain any graphic images that may upset small children.


  16. Exhibitors, visitors and speakers at VegfestUK may appear in promotional photos for the event without prior consultation.


  17. We are unable to offer refunds in the case of any non-appearances by people advertised to appear at the show.