Shell Scheme Nameboard – Moyne

Each stall at VegfestUK Trade 2017 is equipped with a shell scheme with nameboard containing the exhibitor name. To request specific names to be used for your nameboard, please contact Moyne, official contractor for shell scheme services at VegfestUK Trade 2017 and VegfestUK London 2017.

Please complete the form here to request your preferred exhibitor name on your nameboard.

If you would like to order extra shell scheme fittings, please use the stand fitting order form in Moyne’s Exhibition Brochure here.

Alternatively, you can request the use of specific exhibitor names and book extra shell scheme fittings using the Moyne secure payment online site:

The site is easy to navigate:

  1. Register as a new user
  2. Respond to the activation email
  3. Register as an existing user – provide your name and the password you set up
  4. Select VegFest 2017 from the drop down list of exhibitions
  5. Enter the VegFest 2017 pass code VEGFEST17
  6. Place your orders

Deadline for returning nameboard form to Moyne is October 12th 2017.

If you have questions relating to your order or if you would like to speak to Moyne direct please contact Sara Binns on 020 8997 8596 or email [email protected].