Floor Plan

Click on the links below to view the floor plan for the event in expanded view; you can view the availability of stalls underneath the map for VegfestUK Trade.

Click here for the floor plan for VegfestUK Trade only


  1. Should you wish to exhibit at both VegfestUK London and VegfestUK Trade, please select a stall in the areas highlighted in red on the floor plan.
  2. Should you wish to exhibit only at VegfestUK London / VegfestUK Trade (but not both), please select a stall in the areas highlighted in purple on the floor plan.
  3. The catering pitches CAT-C1, CAT-C2 and CAT-C3 in the Central Hall are for raw food or drinks only.

Click here for the floor plan for VegfestUK Trade and VegfestUK London

Nore: For VegfestUK London, electricity and lighting cannot be booked at stalls WM1 – WM20 and at stalls located on Level 3 (i.e. stalls U1 – U54).

Stalls availability (for VegfestUK Trade)

Stall Number Exhibitor Name
CA1 Raw & Wild
CA2 New Roots
CA3 Dr Will’s Limited
CA4 Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods
CA5 AQUAPAX (Just Drinking Water)
CB1 Mooncup
CB2 LoveSeitan
CB3 ITL Health
CB4 The Tofurky Company
CB5 Ananda’s Marshmallows
CB6 Hodmedod
CC1 Gillie Food 
CC2 theVegWays
CC2A A’kin
CC4 Tazaki Foods 
CC5 Marigold Health Foods
CC6 Mobile Massage Events
CC8 London and Scottish International
CD1 Natures Plus UK
CD2 Paguro Upcycle
CD3 Raw food Rosie’s
CD3A The Toasted Seed Company
CD4 Georganics
CD5 Harper’s Candles
CD6 Living Naturally
CD7 Funky Skincare
CD8 Jollyum 
CD8A Fry’s Coconut Island
CD9 Alara Wholefoods 
CD10 Perkier Foods 
CE1 Buddha Beauty
CE2 Turmeric Latte Mix
CE3 Orgran
CE4 Conscious Chocolate 
CE5 Creative Nature
CE6 Tofuture
CE7 Good4U
CE8 Moddanio
CF1 Freaks of Nature 
CF2 Tyne Chease
CF3 Sunita Foods
CF4 The Protein Ball Co
CF6 Uncooked Media 
CF8 Thamon London
CF9 Mr Organic
CF10 MySnack UK
CF11 Nutural World
CF12 The Nutty Group
CF13 Baking Bad
CF14 Premae 
CF15 Buckfast Organic Bakery
CF16 Buckfast Organic Bakery
CG1 Follow Your Heart 
CG3 Bute Island Foods
CG4 The Body Shop
CG6 Bute Island Foods
CH1 Terranova/Bio nature
CH2 BellaStoria Shoes
CH3 Bio-Extracts
CH4 JASON Natural Care
CH5 AgroBolivia 
CH6 Bio-Extracts
CH7 JASON Natural Care
CH8 Suma Wholefoods
CI1 Yaoh
CI2 Wing Yip
CI3 Free From Italy
CI4 Pudology
CJ1 So free chocolate
CJ3 Coconut Merchant
CJ4 Ms Cupcake
CJ6 Yorica
CL1 Moo Free Chocolate
CL3 My teatime
CL4 Greenscents
CL5 Quinoa Crack
CL6 Lavida Food
CL8 Wild Thing
CL9 EcoMil
CL10 Tideford Organics
CM1 Cupcakes & Shhht
CM2 The Raw Chocolate Pie Company
CM4 Universal Vision Trading
CM5 Vegetarian Guides
CM6 Nature Bars By Corn ‘N Roll
CM7 The Raw Fix
CM10 YourZooki
CN1 The Vegetarian Society
CN2 Zendegii Frill
CN3 Zims Tribe 
CN4 Optiat 
CN6 The Dalston Cola Company
CN7 Eden Perfumes
CN8 Rawcocoa
CN9 Revolution Foods
CN10 Fairypants
CO1 Watts Kork 
CO2 Eat Moringa 
CO4 Nutree Life Ltd
CO5 Wholebeing Health Foods
CO6 ChicP
CO8 Real Good Ketchup
CAT-C1 222 Vegan Cuisine
CAT-C2 De Fruit Bar
CAT-C3 Pitfield Brewery
DA4 Verys
DA5 The Health Store Wholesale
DA7 Good Carma Foods
DA8 Heavenly Organics Skin Care
DA8A Sweet Deceits
DB1 Viva!
DB2 James Aspey Clothing
DB5 Vegusto
DB6 Leader Foods Oy 
DC2 G&G Vitamins
DC3 G&G Vitamins
DC5 One Planet Pizza
DC7 Gemini Chocolate
DC8 The Goodwash Company
DC9 Life of a tree
DC10 Vegan Publishers
DD1 Merryhill Mushrooms
DD2 Pure Epiphany
DD3 Badgers Dairy & Egg Free
DD5 The Vegan Society
DD6 Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co.
DD7 Sassyspud
DD9 Crookednose
DD10 Veganicity
DE1 Coffee & Cheese • 100% Vegan Wholesaler
DE2 Essential Trading Co-operative