So Free Chocolate

Big thanks to our sponsors So Free Chocolate


Ethically made ‘free from’ chocolate with certified cocoa has until now been perceived as a niche, with compromise in taste, purity or pleasure.

So Free thin chocolate range boldly positions itself as highly attractive and proposes that enjoying fine thin chocolate is expected and deserved. The brand naturally fulfils the desire to seek the high ethics of veganism with the avoidance of specific ingredients such as milk, gluten or nuts.

The stunning packaging will tempt customers helping So Free to transcends ‘free from,’ vegan and ‘ethical’ to mainstream shelf space and puts mainstream values onto the ‘free from’ shelf.

The So Free range will expand to firmly establish that thin chocolate can be enormously enjoyed when consumer expectation requires no sugar.

The So Free brand is owned by UK-based Plamil Foods, Britain’s oldest vegan company and an established trustworthy producer that puts care and authenticity into all their products. The Plamil Chocolate Factory in Kent is perhaps the only one in the world run on 100% renewable energy. Plamil has been making the right choices for a sustainable planet since 1961.