Victoria Eisermann

Victoria Eisermann

Co-founder of the K-9 Angels; host of radio show "The Angel Hour" on Phoenix FM

Victoria Eisermann is the co-founder of dog rescue charity K-9 Angels, which was founded in 2011 and has since rehomed over 800 dogs, spayed 3000 dogs as well as raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to build a shelter that now houses 110 dogs which the charity regularly send food and medical aid to.

They have raised close to half million pounds in just over 4 years and also send regular donations to cover medical supplies as well as for food for street dogs.

Currently Victoria hosts a radio show ‘The Angel hour’ on Phoenix FM with Co host Loui, (her dog) and is also a presenter for VeggieVision TV. She is the spokes-model for the organic, vegan certified beauty brand Earthzest Organics.

From the age of 6, Victoria became a vegetarian when her father brought home 2 little yellow fluffy chicks. This was unheard of in the 1970s for someone so young to make a choice to not eat meat.

Over 10 years ago Victoria became a vegan. The very same day she attended a talk on the dairy industry by Juliet Gellatley (founder of Viva!) and has since fronted numerous PETA campaigns and been a proud animal activist.

Victoria says being a vegan runs in her veins, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. For her it’s says I love life, all life!

Having started her modelling career age 18 and travelled the world modelling everything from lingerie to calendars, page 3 of the daily star, playboy lingerie magazine and appearing in numerous TV commercials, (most notably staring as the pregnant bride in the Guinness commercial and staring in the ‘birds eye pea commercial). Victoria has also walked the catwalk later in her career for top designers.

2016 climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – for the second time her charity K-9 Angels

2015 cycled 500 miles to raise funds to spay dogs for her charity K-9 Angels

2014 cycled 300 miles to raise funds to spay dogs for her charity K-9 Angels

2013 Awarded ‘Most Inspirational Person’ award by Passionate pink charity

2012 Contestant on ‘Total Wipeout’ for BBC1, and ‘Big Brother’ on Channel 5

2011 Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the Children’s charity ‘Flying kites’

2011 Fronted Animal aids ‘Ban the whip’ at Ascot campaign

2011- Fronted numerous campaigns for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

2007 Won ‘Europe’s sexiest vegetarian’ online as voted by PETA supporters

Victoria has embarked on an educational school tour with her charity K-9 Angels to teach children responsible pet care and the importance of adopting as an alternative to buying a dog and is dedicated to her charity as well as spreading the Vegan message through her regular blogs and articles.

Victoria is also passionate about vegan beauty, she gives advice about looking the best you can with compromising ethics and loves writing for her vegan beauty blog when she is not looking after her rescued dogs.

Victoria has more TV in the pipeline so watch this space!