Poppy Lettice

Poppy Lettice

Founder of Lettices

Poppy created Lettices when a lifelong passion of food science and experimentation combined with her new vegan life (having previously been a lifelong vegetarian). Poppy realised the best way for her to spread the vegan message is through her food, making it easier for people to transition. Having only launched the business 18 months ago, it has rapidly gone from a small idea to a hugely in-demand, 3 person team and ever growing vegan business. “I am on a mission to make vegan food ridiculously tasty, affordable and easy”

The future is vegan.

3:00pm - 3:45pm

Vegan Cheese making session and tasting panel

Come and join vegan fromagerie Mel Rogers as she showcases the makings of vegan cheeses that can be easily incorporated into other vegan recipes. 

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