Olivia Haddock

Olivia Haddock

Assistant Editor for Vegan Life Magazine

Olivia Haddock is the Assistant Editor for Vegan Life Magazine, part of Prime Impact Media and Events, which aims to educate vegans and vegan-curious readers about animal welfare and environmental issues as well as highlighting vegan products and success stories on a monthly basis. Keep up to date with vegan news from Vegan Life here: veganlifemag.com

Olivia has been vegan for about four years as a result of health concerns but after learning about the shocking conditions of animals reared for human diets, is now driven to educate the public about the ethical cost of their dinner.

www.veganlifemag.com / www.vegantradejournal.com

11:00am - 11:45am

Palm oil - is this a vegan issue?

Given the ethical issues underlying the use of palm oil, should vegans concern themselves plant-based products that contain palm oil? Should such products be classified vegan at all? Join this panel to learn more about the subject.

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