Mike Abrahams

Mike Abrahams

Partner in Wild Oats Natural Foods

Mike Abrahams is a partner in Wild Oats Natural Foods, a thriving natural foods grocery in Bristol which he started together with his wife in 1980.  Wild Oats started as a small enterprise which has grown to three times the size and has over 300 customers a day. Mike is an experienced speaker and teacher in food and nutrition, having been involved in study and practice of the subject over 40 years.  He has also studied and occasionally teaches western approaches to oriental medicine. He pioneered a large macrobiotic based vegan restaurant for 5 years in Bristol in the early eighties.


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Top priorities for vegan shoppers

What are vegan shoppers looking for in their produce? Above all, what are their priorities in choosing their vegan products? Come and find out in this interesting panel.

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4:00pm - 4:45pm

Health Claims in Business

With so many ‘miracle cure’ products being spruiked on the internet, consumers are becoming more savvy, while regulators are clamping down on misleading advertising. Find out what you can and can’t say in regards to your product’s health claims.

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