Joanna Randall

Joanna Randall

Campaign Manager at Naturewatch Foundation

Having worked in animal protection for over a decade, she has experience in a wide range of campaigns and led many to success. She became a vegan 15 years ago.

At Naturewatch Foundation she combines her love for both campaigning and ethical shopping to encourage everyone to become compassionate consumers, and end animal cruelty one penny at a time.

11:00am - 11:45am

Cruelty-Free Credibility: What consumers want and how to provide it

Produce personal care, cosmetics or household products? Naturewatch Foundation campaigners will show you how to get your company recognised for its cruelty-free status. We’ll clarify the differences between cruelty-free endorsements and highlight how to make your customer service stand out from the crowd. The secret to ending animal testing worldwide is in your hands!

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