Jennifer Pardoe

Jennifer Pardoe

Founder of PB2B

Jennifer Pardoe is the founding partner of the UK’s specialist plant-based food agency, PB2B.

Having previously co-founded an award-winning food retail chain and with over 25 years’ experience within the food industry, Jennifer has worked with many well-known food-to-go retailers, restaurant chains, product manufacturers, start-ups and suppliers.

PB2B has developed and launched hundreds of plant-based products including plant proteins, ready meals, nut milks and yoghurts, fruit and vegetable protein smoothies, hot food menus, grab & go products, energy bars and other impulse range snacks.

Services include product development, market insight, scaling, sales growth support, marketing and strategies for business leaders. Their clients are a roll call of the who’s who in the plant-based sector: Follow Your Heart, 9Nine brand, Plantifull and Upton’s Naturals. PB2B was also a key partner in the recent product development and marketing of Tofurky’s new vegan sandwiches, launched earlier this month in Whole Foods Market.

Jennifer says:

“Retail buyers are loving our pipeline of products … exactly what they are looking for in taste, texture, clean ingredient string and nutrition”.

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