Vegan bodycare company

After years of following the traditional rules of a healthy lifestyle still left him with cavities, Alex decided to search for another way. His research into the causes of tooth decay inspired him to experiment with natural alternatives to mainstream, synthetic toothpastes. He began by testing his own homemade formulas and sharing them with friends and family. This led him to selling at farmer’s markets across the UK and eventually, to the launch of Georganics in 2015. Over the last two years, the brand has moved from Peckham to West Sussex where Alex and the team continue to expand its range and customer base.

3:00pm - 3:45pm

New Brands Showcase

A selection of vegan bodycare brands will be showcased in this session which is ideal for bodycare and beauty professionals looking for exciting new bodycare products.

Vegan Bodycare Pavilion full timetable