Dr. Tushar Mehta

Dr. Tushar Mehta

Family physician - appearing in the Vegan Health Clinic

Dr. Tushar Mehta received a Bachelor of Arts and Science from McMaster University, and then completed medical school at the University of Toronto, doing his residency in family medicine. In addition to family medicine, Tushar also practices emergency medicine and addictions medicine. Tushar founded Run for the Earth in order to help people sort through the mass of environmental information and misinformation, and develop a systematic understanding of ecological issues, and the real priorities. He believes in a systematic understanding of environmental issues for all, as well as causing people to reflect on compassion and philosophy.


Vegan Health Clinic sessions

Vegan Health Clinic

Featuring some of the world’s leading authorities on plant-based nutrition and health, this section discusses cutting-edge health developments, including up-to-date vegan nutritional information and research. Hosted by nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life Nutrition. Ideal for natural health retailers and health professionals especially.