Daryna Milgevska

Daryna Milgevska

Vegan Model & Activist

Daryna is an accomplished Vegan model who can be seen fronting many vegan and animal-based campaigns across the world. Daryna believes in using her talents to help those who are mistreated. Her dedication to protecting animals is unmeasurable. She is a model that other models can look up to, using her talents & looks to promote cruelty-free clothing and campaigns by choosing not to support mainstream campaigns which fuel a non-vegan lifestyle. She is proof that you don’t need to agree to be a model for companies who promote cruelty and has forged a successful career as a model ‘cruelty-free’.

2:00pm - 2:45pm

How you can use your position to become a positive role model for veganism

Media savvy vegans ‘Angels for the Innocent Foundation’ are bringing a supersonic, celebrity panel to VegfestUK Trade to talk about how each of them has used their professional position in life in order to make a difference for animals and veganism. Each of the panellists is in the public eye daily and has made life choices to shape their careers towards animal protection and a vegan lifestyle in order to influence others and make a difference. You too can be a positive role model – Come along and find out how.

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