Dagfinn Aune MSc, PhD

Dagfinn Aune MSc, PhD

Associate professor at Bjørknes University College and postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London

Dagfinn Aune has his MSc in Nutrition from the University of Oslo and PhD in Public Health from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is currently working at Bjørknes University College in Oslo (Associate Professor) and Imperial College London (postdoctoral researcher). He has worked for several years in the Continuous Update Project of the World Cancer Research Fund and has worked on large-scale systematic reviews and meta-analyses of dietary factors, obesity, physical activity and smoking and risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, mortality, and other chronic diseases and in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.


4:00pm - 4:45pm

Health Claims in Business

With so many ‘miracle cure’ products being spruiked on the internet, consumers are becoming more savvy, while regulators are clamping down on misleading advertising. Find out what you can and can’t say in regards to your product’s health claims.

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