Craig Tannock

Craig Tannock

Operator of 5 vegan bars in Glasgow - appearing at the Vegan Business Support

Craig currently runs five vegan bar venues in Glasgow (Mono, Stereo, The Flying Duck, The 78 and The Old Hairdressers). He started in business 30 years ago with a small rehearsal/recording studio which developed into live music promotion and which then led to a series of bar/venues from late 1991. These bars have been serving exclusively vegan meals since 1994.

The bars have become an important part of Glasgow’s live music and vegan landscape with Mono earning the title ‘Glasgow’s Favourite Business’ last year.

There have been many challenges over the years and Craig is keen to share the lessons learned with other vegan businesses.

12:00pm - 12:45pm

Money & Capital Raising Session

Should you do a crowdfunding campaign? What about equity crowdfunding? Is getting an investor on board the right move for your business and if so, when? This panel of seasoned business owners who’ve used both traditional as well as new and innovative methods to fund their enterprises will share their advice.

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