Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey

Award-Winning Nutritionist, Chef and Author

Christine is an award winning qualified media Nutritionist, Chef and Author with over 18 years of experience in the health and food industry.  Winner of Coeliac UK Chef of the Year award Christine is well known for her expertise in developing healthy foods, products and recipes focused on health and fitness. With a passion for creating delicious nourishing recipes Christine has a reputation for transforming people’s health and love of real food.

As well as seeing clients in Harley Street, London, running cookery days and writing for national press, Christine regularly appears on TV and radio as a nutritional expert and chef. Previous programmes include BBC The Truth About Sugar, BBC The Truth About Stress, CBBC Mental Health Special Operation Ouch and Sky News. Christine also works with fitness and sports companies, food and health companies providing nutritional expertise, recipe support and product development advice.  Christine is an inspiring nutritional chef well known for her engaging style and enthusiasm.

Christine is also a writer for many national magazines and newspapers and has published over 13 recipe and health books including her popular GO LEAN VEGAN