Carla Fraser

Carla Fraser

Actor & filmmaker

Carla is a UK Actor & film-maker with a passion for conservation & animal welfare. Her hit film ‘Grey Future’ has been circulated across the world with growing success and has been screened at various film festivals and conservation events.

Carla has used her talents as an actress and producer to show how easy it is to turn ones effort towards helping animals and promoting a compassionate, vegan lifestyle. As a producer, she is keen to show has skills in acting and production can create change through dramatised media and how easy it is to do this.

2:00pm - 2:45pm

How you can use your position to become a positive role model for veganism

Media savvy vegans ‘Angels for the Innocent Foundation’ are bringing a supersonic, celebrity panel to VegfestUK Trade to talk about how each of them has used their professional position in life in order to make a difference for animals and veganism. Each of the panellists is in the public eye daily and has made life choices to shape their careers towards animal protection and a vegan lifestyle in order to influence others and make a difference. You too can be a positive role model – Come along and find out how.

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