Annie Robertson Connolly

Annie Robertson Connolly

Vegan athlete

Vegan, ex international athlete Annie Robertson-Connolly has represented England and Great Britain at indoor 1500m, outdoor 1500m and cross country running. Her greatest achievements were winning the national finals and winning the European Cross Cup in Luxembourg whilst captaining her national team, England.

She has used her sporting background so she could to raise money for numerous animal causes. She has recently crossed the British Channel by kayak and cycled non-stop to London for Romanian strays. As an athlete she has shown that veganism can produce not only super fit human beings, but can be used as a positive role model for change.

2:00pm - 2:45pm

How you can use your position to become a positive role model for veganism

Media savvy vegans ‘Angels for the Innocent Foundation’ are bringing a supersonic, celebrity panel to VegfestUK Trade to talk about how each of them has used their professional position in life in order to make a difference for animals and veganism. Each of the panellists is in the public eye daily and has made life choices to shape their careers towards animal protection and a vegan lifestyle in order to influence others and make a difference. You too can be a positive role model – Come along and find out how.

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