Anneka Svenska

Anneka Svenska

Founder of Angels for the Innocent; founder of GreenWorldTV

Anneka is the founder of Angels for the Innocent; she is a wildlife presenter and vegan advocate. Anneka is one of the few wildlife TV presenters who has actively branched off to make independent films for conservation, animal rights and rescue. She is known for her online TV Channel GreenWorldTV which films animal charities and causes all over the world. She believes that we must use our skills whereas possible to make a change before it is too late, so has used her skills as a film producer and presenter in order to give animals a voice via TV and Media.

2:00pm - 2:45pm

How you can use your position to become a positive role model for veganism

Media savvy vegans ‘Angels for the Innocent Foundation’ are bringing a supersonic, celebrity panel to VegfestUK Trade to talk about how each of them has used their professional position in life in order to make a difference for animals and veganism. Each of the panellists is in the public eye daily and has made life choices to shape their careers towards animal protection and a vegan lifestyle in order to influence others and make a difference. You too can be a positive role model – Come along and find out how.

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