Anna MacDonald

Anna MacDonald

Founder of Happy Maki, makers of vegan sushi burritos

Anna MacDonald is the founder of Happy Maki, makers of vegan sushi burritos. After delighting consumers at UK music festivals, the company opened its first store in Brighton in January 2017. After watching ‘End of the Line’, a documentary about overfishing, Anna was compelled to bring fish-free sushi to the masses in a healthy, delicious and environmentally-friendly way. For the first year the stall sold meat but thanks to opportunities given by VegFestUK and continued learning, Happy Maki turned vegan. Anna is committed to helping not only the animals but the environment and people too.

5:00pm - 5:45pm

Vegan startup businesses

What are some of the challenges facing vegan start-ups and how can you handle them? What’s involved in starting and running a business? Our panel of successful start-up founders will share their strategies for success.

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