Help increase vegan options in your community – invite your local cafes, restaurants and shops to VegfestUK Trade

5th September 2017

If you are fed up with the dearth of vegan options in your local community and you want to give a hand to improving the quality and quantity of vegan offerings in the cafes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels and shops near you, now is the time to get active with the UK’s first dedicated vegan Trade and Media show coming up on October 20th 2017 at Olympia London.

This is a great opportunity for vegan activists and people who want to help improve vegan options all year round; we really welcome vegan activists to visit their local outlets inviting them to attend the Trade show. Our feedback shows that the ready availability of vegan options is a big factor in the growth of veganism in the UK right now. This is a chance for people to really help with the growth of veganism in the UK.

Why visit VegfestUK Trade?

There is so much to take home from the UK’s first vegan Trade show but to name just a few benefits for shop and restaurant owners as well as catering managers, they can:

  • Source cutting edge vegan products from up to 160 stalls, with produce ranging from vegan “meats”, “cheeses”, chocolates, cakes, “milks”, to bodycare, housecare, superfoods and much more.
  • Take advantage of one-off special offers and stock up on selected vegan products
  • Learn about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, and in turn, advise their workers accordingly when giving health tips to customers
  • Discover how to make the most of Veganuary
  • Take home attractive, cost-effective vegan recipes that are easy to implement in the catering and hospitality sectors
  • Explore further avenues for growing their vegan businesses to the next level
  • Find out more about the core ethics of veganism when it comes to avoiding products tested on animals, and hence learn to tell which bodycare products are vegan and which are not

What’s on at VegfestUK Trade?

VegfestUK Trade will consist of up to 160 stalls with cutting edge vegan products, alongside 6 featured areas of panel discussions by experts in the vegan Trade and Media circles sharing their insights in managing vegan businesses and accessing the growing vegan market. These areas include

  • a Vegan Health Clinic – discussing cutting-edge health developments, including up-to-date vegan nutritional information and research. Ideal for natural health retailers and health professionals especially.
  • a Vegan Bodycare Pavilion – Featuring some of the UK’s leading vegan bodycare ranges. Ideal for professionals in the natural beauty and bodycare trade.
  • a Vegan Business Support lounge – Featuring a number of experts in running vegan businesses, this section covers topics such as marketing, finance, growth, legalities and structure. Ideal for small business owners.
  • an Independent Retailers Lounge – Covering shop layout expertise, marketing vegan products to customers, and how to access the growing vegan market. Ideal for natural health retailers and health professionals especially.
  • a Plant-Based Chefs Corner – This area focuses on incorporating plant-based cooking into restaurants, catering and hospitality. Ideal for catering and hospitality trade.
  • a Vegan Celebrity Zone – Featuring some of the biggest names in the vegan scene right now, the Vegan Celebrity Zone focuses on the latest and up-and-coming names in the vegan world.  Ideal for media and PR professionals.

How to convince businesses to visit VegfestUK Trade

  • Request printed invitation flyers from the organisers at [email protected]
  • Visit your local businesses, explain to the owners the benefits of visiting the Trade show and give them an invitation flyer
  • Emphasise that they can register to attend the Trade show for free
  • Ask them to invite their colleagues to attend too
  • Alternatively, share the registration link at the bottom of this blog widely on social media


Trade and Media professionals, and small vegan business owners, can register to attend FOR FREE at: