Dr. Milton Mills, Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn among health experts at UK’s first Vegan Trade show

17th July 2017

A number of the world’s leading health figures will be shedding light on the health benefits of following a plant-based diet at the UK’s first Vegan Trade show VegfestUK Trade on Friday October 20th 2017. They will be speaking in the Vegan Health Clinic section of the show, which is tailored to health professionals and those working in natural health trade who are looking for health advice for their clients.


The current lineup of health experts at the show include Dr. Milton Mills, associate director of Preventive Medicine with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, nutritionists Gareth Zeal and Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Viva!’s health researcher Veronika Powell, physicians and authors Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (both appearing by Skype), family physician Dr. Tushar Mehta, and Dr. Stephen Walsh, Nutrition and Health Adviser to The Vegan Society.


Topics to be covered include

  • whether soya is a health / junk food according to science
  • supplementation for vegans which includes more than just vitamin B12
  • Raw Foods: Benefits & Drawbacks
  • The Nutritional Reversal of Coronary Artery Disease: Fact or Fiction?
  • Are plant-based diets preventative medicine?
  • How not to die


The Vegan Health Clinic is incorporated into VegfestUK Trade to allow health professionals and natural health traders to access easily information on the virtues of following a plant-based diet and therefore advise their customers accordingly on the advantages of choosing more plant-based options.


The Vegan Health Clinic is one of 6 key areas at VegfestUK Trade, with each of them looking at a different aspect of managing and growing vegan businesses. The other areas include a Plant-Based Chefs Corner with vegan recipe ideas and suggestions for catering for vegans, a Vegan Celebrity Zone featuring some of the biggest names in the vegan business and media scenes right now, a Vegan Business Support lounge with self-made entrepreneurs sharing their tips on growing vegan businesses, an Independent Retailers Lounge with insights from industry experts on accessing the ever-expanding vegan market, and a Vegan BodycarePavilion showcasing some of the leading vegan bodycare and beauty brands in the UK and advising on how to avoid such products which involve animal testing.


Trade and Media professionals can register to attend the Trade show for free at www.trade.vegfest.co.uk/registration Professionals working in the health sector are encouraged to attend in addition to those from the catering, retailing, natural health, hospitality trades.

For the latest event updates, visit the show website www.trade.vegfest.co.uk or follow the Facebook event page here.

The show organisers extend massive thanks to the show sponsors Bute Island Foods, So Free Chocolate and Yaoh.