Plamil Foods

Big thanks to our sponsors Plamil Foods

Plamil Foods are a Private Limited Company making top quality tasty food for all, supplying consumers, retailers, wholesalers and food catering / manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Plamil Foods passionately believe in producing food that is made to the highest standards possible. They are more than a ‘brand’, as they actually make products in their own factory, giving them the control over every aspect of production.

Plamil makes a wide range of Award-winning products.

Plamil’s mayo range

Plamil’s mayo range is just delightful in taste. With no egg, so everyone including those seeking to avoid eggs can enjoy! Becoming ever more popular, the increasing awareness and diagnosis of egg allergy mirrors Plamil’s experience when it first introduced soya milk back in the 1960’s. Manufacturing alternatives to egg based mayo is a natural progression from soya milk, meeting demand for tasty egg-free foods. Plamil’s leading egg free mayo range is a best seller; you only have to taste it to see why!

Plamil Chocolate

Plamil chocolate is almost ‘guilt free indulgence’. With their range of luxury mini chocolate bars together with their dairy free, organic, no added sugar chocolate and carob bars, and scrumptious organic chocolate spread there’s truly something for everyone’s taste.

Although many popular varieties of dairy-free ‘milky’ chocolate are often marketed to children they contain more sugar than most types of chocolate. At a time when the reduction of sugar is recommended for good health reasons, most parents are looking to reduce the amount consumed by the family and especially their children. Fortunately, this is now possible. A great tasting alternative has been created.

Lots of This None of That

Lots of This None of That is a scrumptious dairy free ‘milky’ chocolate bar that amazingly has reduced sugar. It is also gluten and nut free. A 30g bar of Lots of This None of That still contains less sugar than 20g of similar chocolate. Produced by Plamil, the highest ranked Ethical chocolate manufacturer, Lots of This None of That is made using renewable energy. This revolutionary new bar is the future for dairy free chocolate. The cocoa is certified under the UTZ Certified sustainability programme.

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